hooshmand.jpg Hooshmand Moslemi is the owner and author of Top Recommended Websites, a place where you will find a lot of information about top-rated resources on different topics.

Here is a brief introduction of the author, the blog and its main purpose. Just sit back and keep reading!

Back in 2005, Hooshmand Moslemi started his online business from scratch. Creating some helpful blogs, websites and articles was one of the results of his presence on the Internet. And now he is coming with a new project with a really interesting concept: Top Recommended Websites.

Well, this blog is not kind of a directory portal that every worthless link can be submitted. On the other hand, you are not supposed to see some famous websites recommended here. This blog is going to introduce those wonderful links that considered as the best-rated resources on the web and they should not necessarily be popular for every single Internet user.

Before you start browsing and reading this blog, I suggest you to check out this post, in order to get a better picture of this project:

Introduction To This Blog

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The Criteria For Recommending a Top-Rated Website

And if you have noticed that two of the most important criteria for websites to be selected and recommended here are Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank, don´t get confused. Read the following post to find out:

Are Google PageRank & Alexa Traffic Rankings Important?

Additional Information:

Minimum Required Google PageRank & Alexa Traffic Rank Values* Of the Websites that are Going to Be Recommended in Single Posts**:

Minimum Google PageRank   =    3

Minimum Alexa Traffic Rank  =    300,000

Note :
* The above values are subject to change. Always check out the current values on the official websites.
** Single posts are posts that introduce just ONE single website. The above values apply only to those posts.

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